Our Goal: To ensure that your hair looks and feels natural.

We value Confidentiality

As the only certified hair restoration institute in the State of Michigan and one of 20 of its kind in North America, Another Look Hair Institute has been dedicated to providing hair solution services to those who have thinning, balding or medically related hair issues for the past 30 years.

Started as a family business, Another Look Hair Institute's staff has over 100 years of experience in providing top quality support, customer service and satisfaction!

Another Look Hair Institute provides individuals with hair-enhancing products and services that increase the fullness of your hair or create non-chemical highlights. We are committed to making your new hair stunning and an easy addition to your current lifestyle.

Investing in your appearance is an investment in yourself, and you want it to last. Only Cyberhair is better than nature itself — stronger, lighter, and more colorfast than your own growing hair.

Our Philosophy:

A team of committed professionals who treat each other with respect and equality through open communication, honesty and who are guaranteed to exceed our clients expectations through service excellence and the newest technology.