Another Look Hair Institute provides exceptional products and services to all their customers! We treat every consultation with the care and support that it deserves.

Through our various treatments and solutions, we have everything needed to treat:

  • Thinning Hair
  • Baldness
  • Hair Loss due to Medical Conditions
  • And more!

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Gift Certificates:

Easy and Convenient! Gift certificates are always available for purchase online at or on location. Available in $50 increments.

Online Buying/Booking:

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Referral Program:

We always appreciate your referrals to anyone you know suffering from follicle impairment. Refer a friend, family member, co-worker, etc. and you will receive 20% of their purchase amount.

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Wireless internet is always available while you are in for a service. When you are in for a service, simply ask, and we will connect you.

Hair Services

Another LookAt Another Look Hair Institute, we realize that your hair is a reflection of you. Our Hair Addition Specialists want your hair to enhance your own special sense of self. Our experienced staff will put their skills and talents to work fulfilling your needs and preferences.


Men, Women and Children: $20.00 and up

Final Fitting of new addition: $50.00-$150.00


We bring out the true color in you.

Partial, Full Foil, System or Growing own hair: $45 and up

Perms & Texture:

Whenever texture is added to hair the results bring a whole new look! It can give you a soft light wave, to a more tighter volume curl. Partial, Full Prosthetic, Synthetic Recurl, Growing Hair:

$55 and up

Keratin Treatment:

If smooth, silky hair is what you want, you can now have it! The Keratin Treatment tames frizz and relaxes curl while giving hair added control.

Free consultation to quote price

Styles & Condition:

When you need a pick me up style or assistance on shampooing, we are here to help you!

  • Shampoo & Set (growing hair): $25 and up
  • Shampoo & Set, both system and growing hair: $40 and up
  • Cyberhair Rejuvenation: $47 and up
  • Celebration Updos: $45 and up
  • Weekly sets: $20 and up

Customized for Laser and Hair Support Treatments.

  • One laser treatment: $50
  • 3 month treatment: $995 and up
  • 6 month treatment: $2995 and up
  • 12 month treatment: $4195 and up
  • Stimulation treatment only: $125
  • Stimulation treatment package: $650

Hair Programs

Hair Replacement Additions are customized for each individual to enhance ones appearance and blend all existing hair with hair in areas that are follicle impaired.


The worlds finest hair; the best color retention, style memory, lightness, durability and natural appearance available!

$75 per square inch

Human Hair: Achieve the most natural appearance with Human Hair.

$55 per square inch

Hair For Life

Customized hair replacement created for each individual forever.

$500 and up


Man made fiber customized for curl and color retention.

$35 per square inch


Cyberhair threaded to your existing hair adding 10 to 100 hairs.

$10 each *volume discounts

MicroPoint Link:

The safest, noninvasive hair loss solution perfect for men and women with very fine hair. Pump-up lifeless fine and thinning hair adding 2, 4 or 6 hairs to one of your own. Available in both customized packages or individually.

  • 100 MPL: $80
  • 500 MPL: $190
  • 1000 MPL: $350
  • 2000 MPL: $550
  • 6 &12 month packages available. $1295 and up

Technology has increased dramatically over the past 40 years that we have been in business. Forms of attaching hair have been perfected to each individuals need.

Hair Ventilating:

Hair systems may at times need the maintenance necessary to create and maintain the most natural appearance.

  • Synthetic Hair: $30 per hour
  • Human Hair: $50 per hour
  • CyberHair: $70 per hour
  • Any special request or emergency ventilating process completed at a same day service: Add $10.00/hour
  • Miscellaneous Bonding, Grafting, Full Head Bonding, Trac Attachments, Spot Bonding, Silicone, Clips, Accents: $65 and up
  • Base Repair: $25.00 and up depending on size of repair

Continuous Wearer:

Attached by non-abrasive adhesive Daily Wearer: Attached with clips for access to daily removal Accents: Cyberhair threaded to your existing hair adding 10 to 100 hairs Feathers Colored Accents