Micro Point Link is four Cyberhairs linked to one single strand of your own hair. Micro Point Link's knot is so micro-tiny, your new hair looks and feels like your own growing hair.

With Micro Point Link, you can have up to 600 additional strands of hair added to your own growing hair... in just one hour. You can have thousands of additional strands of hair added quickly, easily and without pain, restoring your confidence and your hair.

A Micro Point Accent has 100 Cyberhairs attached to one very tiny bead. Your own natural growing hairs slide through the bead and attach without glue. Our certified CyberHair/MPL technician can give you 100-150 accents in the front, top, crown, sides or back of your hair in one hour, and give you at least 10,500 hairs to gain volume with your own growing hair.